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August 4
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NH - Miyasaki, Kitani by Fabianim NH - Miyasaki, Kitani by Fabianim

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August, 16th - Misc


Yeahh, this is my baby Ki :iconcheekplz: I changed her a little... And edited her story... hehehehe

And this is my app for :iconnagasaki-high:

RP preferences - I prefer RP by comments, but can do by notes too.

Name: Miyasaki, Kitani
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Grade: 11th 
Birthday: May, 11
Height: 175,2 cm
Sexuality: Straight
Blood Type: O +
Club: Light Music Club


 Her guitar and electric guitar
 Rock music
 Her friends
 Pets / Dogs
 Studying music
 Skipping classes
 Writing songs
 Video games
 Horror and Scary movies


 Studying other subjects unrelated to music
 When her parents compare her with her ​​older sister
 Hyperactive and naive people
 People randomly clinging and hugging her (unless she likes that person.)
 Being told what to do
 Being called by silly nicknames
 Anyone who messes with the people she cares for
 When someone interrupts her when she is writing a song
 Annoying kids / kids who cry alot
 People who annoy her



(Who knows what else? :iconidekplz: )


● Social - She almost always will interact with someone she doesn't know trying to meet that person. She likes meet new people and make new friends.

 Loyal - She is a friend for all seasons. If you are sad she'll be by your side to comfort you, if you need help she will help you, if someone is being mean with you she will defend you.

 Blunt - She doesn't care about what people will think, she always will says out her opinion even hurting the feelings of someone with what she says...

 Sarcastic - She's often sarcastic when she is talking or answering a question (unless she's talking serious).

 Tsundere - Sometimes she can be a bit annoying and cold (probably when she's angry about something or someone and she just get her own back on the first person she sees). Apart from that she's a fun and cool person.

 Strong - She doesn't be distressed easily and often she doesn't care what people say or think about her. And even if something or someone hurt her feelings she won't show anything she is emotionally distressed. If she is really sad or upset about something she probably will lock in her dorm or go somewhere where there's nobody and cry silently.

 Excited - She is a very excited person and ready to accept any proposal and challenge and do new things.

 Impatient - She is a very impatient person when it comes to waiting in lines, getting stuck in the traffic, waiting for someone who is late etc ...

 Outgoing - She loves going somewhere and hanging out with friends. Or just spend time with her friends.

 Lazy - When it comes to school (more specifically subjects unrelated to music) she doesn't make an effort to studdy.


Childhood - Kitani was a well-behaved and obedient child, but she did not get along very well with her ​​older sister, cos her sister was jealous cos their parents pay more attention to Kitani cos she was the youngest in the family. She began to like guitar and electric guitar cos at that time the neighboring family had a son who played these instruments and every day she heard the boy play and then she wanted to learn too, but her parents didn't want to buy a guitar or a electric guitar to her cos they thought that this was not a girly thing.

Elementary school - She won her first guitar from a friend who had bought a new guitar then gave his old one to her. But she didn't  know how to play, then her friend began teaching her to play guitar. Later when her friend moved to another city she with much effort convinced her parents to enroll her in a music school. In this phase she stopped having problems with her sister, cos she spent more time with her ​​friends and at school of music. At that time Kitani joined in her first band that was a pop/rock band formed by her and her friends. The band was dissolved when she started the high school cos each member of the band went to a different high schools.

Middle school - In her early teens, Kitani joined her second band, a blues/rock band with her classmates in her old high school, but she had to leave the band cos she was thrown out from her old school at the beginning of her third year cos she was absent in almost every class. At that time her parents began to pay more attention to her older sister, cos her sister had graduated in the career their parents wanted for her and Kitani wanted the music career, but her parents didn't approve it cos they thought that was no future for her. So she rebelled herself for feeling rejected by her family and decided to become a rebellious person, cos she thought come hell or high water her parents would return to give attention to her.


"Studying Sucks..."
"I need something new..."
" Life is music!"


 Her favorite colors are red and black
 She never got along with her sister
 In her free time she practice martial arts to defend herself cos she's kinda paranoid about muggins
 She is looking for people to form a band
 She has smoked a cigarette once, but she hated it
 Usually a D, E student
★ She also likes play any kind of sport
★ Recently she's trying learn play keyboard
★ She has a cousin she loves so much like a sister
★ Her voice and signing voice - Sanae Kobayashi ->


Kobayashi, Mirai - My "bitch" music partner. My "Shark-kun", My BFF <3
Nakazato, Masayuki - He's so handsome and... kinda weird, but I like him the way he is, cos he's "unique".
Sasaki, Momoe - A cute and lovely girl. She's a little shy, but she plays the electric guitar very well <3 I love listening to her playing.
Fuyuko, Suzuki - She's a cute and an exited girl I like talk to her.
Kuroki, Tenma - He's so cute and lovely I wanna squeeze his cheeks so hard XD But, don't tell him haha But some times he's kinda naive...
Arata, Umi - My silly girl hahaha <3

Under construction... :iconasakohehplz:

I'll add more things later...

Miyasaki, Kitani belongs to me Fabianim
Kitani's fabulous hair was designed by my little baka Purinsesu-sama

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curi-i Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
She looks like an awesome rocker chick!
I love her guitars, and her free time outfit, it looks so chill.
Ahh she's so pretty. >u< !
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Awwww :iconcryforeverplz: Thank you so much hun :icongoingdownplz: Yeahhhh she loves rock everything hahahaha 
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